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How the Process Works

First Contact Call

For a new client wishing to find out more I offer an optional no fee, no obligation conversation by phone where you can ask questions and find out if this is the right path for you. In this call we will talk through what you're looking to achieve and I can outline what I believe is possible. If at this point, this wasn't a suitable avenue for you to consider then I will recommend and advise you on other avenues you may like to consider. 


If you would like to ahead then I will take you through what's involved in the process in more detail and give you an idea of the likely number of sessions you'd need based on our initial conversation. From here we would book in the initial assessment session.

Initial Assessment Session


It's necessary to use this first session to understand the full nature of the problem and to understand a bit of the history. In finding out more I will then be able to tailor a treatment plan to you and start to explain in more detail the techniques I use. This session can be face to face or via FaceTime or zoom.

It's here that we will set out the goals you'd like to achieve to ensure we're on the same page. There is no actual therapy in this session but clients can typically begin to feel some psychological benefit from this point as they see how their problem is going to be overcome and feel they're now on the path to a solution... which they are!

Subsequent Sessions

Most conditions are treated within 4 – 6 sessions and there will often be exercises to be carried out and practiced between sessions.

It is preferable for sessions to take place at regular intervals, typically one week apart, if possible. We will schedule appointments to work around you and I am available in the evenings and weekends if that suits you better.

The biggest shifts will occur in between sessions as you apply the new learning and techniques in your every day life and so the more you do outside of the therapy room the quicker the changes will happen for you.

To recap...

  1. We have an initial free of charge, no obligation telephone conversation at your convenience.

  2. We complete a 60 or 90 minute initial assessment face to face or via video call.

  3. We meet for regular sessions, in practice or video call. 

  4. In between sessions you will be applying techniques and completing tasks in every day life which speeds up the process.

  5. When the agreed goals have been met then we will do an evaluation and will conclude treatment.

My promise to you...


​​It's really important that we are both working together to help you achieve your goals and so it's vital that there is a good relationship between us based on trust. We are both on the same team and are both active participants in the process. I endeavour to provide you with a safe, non-jugdemental environment where you are free to share openly and with complete honestly. I am bound by the code of ethics of my profession at all times and assure of complete confidentiality.


If you have a confirmed scheduled session that you wish to cancel you must do so at least 48 hours in advance. Cancellation after this point will result in a late cancellation fee, although I will use discretion in the case of an emergency.​

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