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Stop smoking for good!

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If you want to stop smoking for good and be happy about your decision, armed with lots of coping techniques and with a positive and excited 'can do' mindset then this stop smoking package is for you.

I use both CBT and hypnotherapy to achieve lasting change. I work with you to identify your trigger situations or thoughts and together we build your confidence and motivation to quit.

You'll leave your stop smoking session excited to be a healthy, happy non smoker!

What's involved?

The stop smoking treatment plan follows a structure for the best results and so it's important that you complete each step.

  • Initial phone consultation (20 minutes) to assess your nicotine dependancy and to find out more about you and your reasons for quitting so the treatment plan can be tailored to you.

  • A gap of a week before the intensive stop smoking session where you will listen to a preparatory hypnosis every evening and keep a smoking and mood diary. We build that desire to stop even further and understand your triggers.

  • The two hour stop smoking session is very intensive but enjoyable. You will leave a confident, happy, healthy non smoker.

  • You will have access to six weeks of telephone or email support and the option of a booster session if you feel you need it, most people don't but it's there if you do. 

This is way more than just a hypnosis session to help you quit. We also spend time talking through your individual situation and your motivators to really strengthen the desire to change the habitual behaviour of smoking and quash any potentially sabotaging doubts.

How much does it cost?

This whole package costs just £295 and when you compare that to the cost of a single packet of cigarettes is an investment well worth making in yourself. An average smoker will spend over £250,000 in their lifetime, or around £5000 a year!

Do you offer a guarantee?

It’s not ethical for a practitioner to guarantee success, partly because you have to want to quit smoking yourself, but if you’re not completely satisfied with any aspect of the service I provide I’d be happy to give you your money back.

How does it work?

It's really important that you understand that you play an active role in this process, as you do with all hypnosis. It's about maximising your motivation, minimising any negative beliefs about your ability to quit and you engaging fully throughout. You may have heard stories of people having a session of hypnosis and completely losing the desire to smoke and whilst that is possible, it isn't maximising your chance of success if we don't also work on
you becoming more psychologically resourceful and resilient. 

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