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This deep relaxation and hypnosis will help you to change the habit of automatically thinking the worst will happen or catastrohpizing. This is about release that need to control things around you in order to feel safe. You will still care about how things turn out, but you are releasing yourself from the outcome.


The tendency to think the worst and to think negatively is simply a habit you have got into. And because it’s a habit, it’s something that can easily be changed.


Each and every time you listen to this you will bring not only more calmness and comfort to your mind, body and emotions... but also more control, a greater familiarity of the new positive thought patterns and a sense of being unburdened. It will help you to achieve a calmness and comfort at the deepest level and enable you to relax more quickly, to enjoy life, and feel stronger in mind and body and emotion.


The act of going into hypnosis and this deep relaxation will be good for you on every level but also being able to go along with the suggestions and to allow them to wash over your unconscious mind while you do this is a powerful tool to have.


As with all hypnosis recordings, always listen in a safe space where you won't be interupted and never whilst driving. Listening more than once will strengthen the new neural pathways and new responses so please repeat as often as you can until it becomes second nature to you.


Hypnosis works as it is you fully imagining a different way of responding to a situation, so please engage fully with all suggestions, even if they feel strange at first and be open to a new way of being for the best results.


It works because you believe it will so put aside any negative chatter in your mind and enjoy. 

Stop Thinking The Worst Hypnosis

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