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This hypnosis is slightly longer than normal at 28 minutes as it's designed to create responses to the old habit of lifting your hand to your mouth and biting your nails. It's also suitable for anyone who bites or picks at the skin around the fingers, just follow along with the suggestions.


Visualise how your nails will look... strong and healthy as you stop this habit once and for all.


As with all hypnosis recordings, always listen in a safe space where you won't be interupted and never whilst driving. Listening more than once will strengthen the new neural pathways and new responses so please repeat as often as you can until it becomes second nature to you.


Hypnosis works as it is you fully imagining a different way of responding to a situation, so please engage fully with all suggestions, even if they feel strange at first and be open to a new way of being for the best results.


It works because you believe it will so put aside any negative chatter in your mind and enjoy. 

Stop Nail Biting Forever Hypnosis

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