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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

Most things are dealt with in between 4-6 sessions as we follow a structure to teach you everything you need to know to help yourself so that you have these skills to take away and you'll be able to apply then to a variety of scenarios.
What makes this technique work in a shorter time, aside from the structure we follow and the nature of focusing on the future instead of regressing to the past, is that you will also be given tasks to do in between sessions and it's vital you do these as they contribute to the effectiveness.
That isn't to say later down the line if you had something else you wanted to work on that you couldn't come back for a touch in session but this would then be a lot quicker to deal with as we will have already gone through all the psycho-education.

How much does a session cost?

Sessions cost £80 each and are payable on the day. We spread sessions out roughly a week or a fortnight apart so that you have enough time in between to do real life exercises to really embed the changes.

Please note: sadly due to 'no shows' I ask for a 50% deposit (£40) to confirm the first appointment. I'm always understanding with extenuating circumstances and needing to move appointments but this just ensures I've blocked out the time for you.

Will I be 'put under' in hypnosis?

Stage hypnosis has a lot to answer for when it comes to peoples impression of what a hypnotherapist does. We use the power of your imagination to rehearse scenarios and practice alternative ways of thinking, acting and feeing around your goal. I do use relaxation techniques and you will be very relaxed but aware and awake at all times. A lot of time goes into making sure you feel comfortable and safe.

You are not under my control and only suggestions that have been pre-agreed and discussed with you will be used. If any suggestion didn't sit quite right with you then you are able to disregard it but I make sure that doesn't happen.

Hypnosis is essentially something that you do to yourself, you focus on relaxing, on imagining fully the things that are being suggested to you and to really immerse yourself in the experience. You can't reveal anything you don't want to, we never, ever regress back to past events and you are 100% in control at all times.

How long will the sessions be?

All sessions are up to 1 hour. The initial session won't normally include hypnosis, though you'll be given something to listen to ready for the second session as this first session is to set out a personalised treatment plan and to get to know you.

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