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Useful films...

Below you will find some useful self hypnosis recordings and exercises to help you become more mindful, aware and to make it easier to stop unhelpful thoughts and relax fully.

As with any hypnosis or relaxation exercise, do not listen whilst driving and always make sure you're in a safe environment for you. For even more content please visit my YouTube channel.

A thought stopping exercise

This isn't hypnosis, but rather a 'thought stopping' exercise. Sometimes known as 'leaves on a stream', this exercise is designed to help you observe and then detach from any thoughts, feelings or sensations you may experience during it.

This is a really useful skill to learn... the ability to observe your thoughts without attachment and it's a skill you can then use in every day life. We're all always bombarded by inner chatter, our inner voice and thoughts that come to us in every day life and sometimes those thoughts aren't helpful. It's very easy to say to someone to 'let it go' when they're experiencing a negative thought or worry but unless you've learned how to do that it can be quite a challenge.

By doing this exercise regularly, you will strengthen your ability to observe your own thoughts, feelings and sensations and detach from them, choosing which to keep and which to let go. In this exercise you will observe and detach from ALL thoughts, feelings and sensations... both good and bad... and once you've mastered that you'll be able to choose in every day life which you want to hold on to and which you want to let go of. You become an observer of your own inner voice and you take control of what you listen to and what you don't.

There is no right or wrong way to do this, whatever you picture it will be right for you. Simply immerse yourself in the experience.

General well-being and confidence building hypnosis

Take a moment our of your day to relax and go into a deep hypnosis... this is a general well-being and confidence building session suitable for anyone. As with all hypnosis, never listen whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

Make sure you are safe and comfortable and listen with headphones in for the best results. Notice if thoughts come into your mind as you listen and just dismiss them as you focus back on my voice. This is simply a stand alone and quite generic hypnosis session, contact me to discuss tailored hypnotherapy. 

Listen and enjoy...

A tension-release relaxation

This is a relation exercise, not hypnosis.

There are two things that will help your mindset and physical well-being immensely. The first is being able to stop unhelpful thoughts and release them and the second is in being able to release tension from the body.

We've looked at releasing thoughts and letting go in the mind in the 'leaves on a river' exercise and now in this relaxation you will be learning to let go in the body.

By doing this tension-release exercise, you will be learning how to truly relax your muscles and by repeating the exercise towards the end with cue words, you will be able to take this skill into your every day life... even in stressful situations. As with any relaxation exercise, do not listen whilst driving and always make sure you're in a safe environment for you.

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